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20 minutes north of Louisville KY




Chloe, Oliver (aka Bruni), Rorie and Korra are OFA Hips/Elbows status of "good" or better. They are not yet on the OFA database yet (in progress). You can request those records from my vet, Cross Creek Vet:

(812) 941-1716

Chloe, Korra, Rorie, Oliver all have OFA eyes passed by a certified canine ophthalmologist as of August 2019.

I also run Embark Disease panels on all my dogs that tests against 170+ genetic diseases.



Puppies will have been pottying in a tray of alfalfa pellets (compressed grass) and pine pellets so that when they go to their new home, the transition to potty training is easier. No pee-pads used in this home, which is also more eco-friendly.

Puppy owners have great feedback using pellets as either a transition or permanent arrangement. It's a great option for those in apartments/condos or areas with limited grassy areas.



Puppies can be microchipped prior to going to their new homes, upon request. 



Puppies will receive their 1st set of puppy DH-P shots from the vet. And will be on a strict worming schedule of 2,3, 4, 6, 8 weeks with a fecal ran shortly before they go to their new home to ensure they are free of worms for you.



Puppies undergo an early neuro-stimulation program to help them become the most well balanced puppies possible.

Learn more about it here

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Chloe is 4 year old sable F1 50/50 Pomsky (22 lb). 

She has stunning blue eyes, great body structure and plush coat and  a princess mentality. Teeth alignment good; no cowhocks.

She has been OFA cleared for Hips/Elbows/Eyes.

Chloe has had 1 litter.


Korra is a super sweet tempered F2X Pomsky. This means she has 24% Husky, 25% Pomeranian and 51% American Eskimo. She is 18lb and 3 years old. 

Structure wise, she's a little long in the torso but no other major defects. Teeth alignment; good no cowhocks.


She is my foundation blend dog that will allow me to gain AKC recognition with her line. 


OLIVER (renamed Bruni)

Last but not least is my new little stud boy, Bruni. He's a wooley F1 50/50 and 14 lbs full grown.

He's cute, adorable, goofy, and silly! Structure wise, he is stocky with no major defaults and great pastern development.

Teeth alignment good; no cow hocks.

He has been preliminary OFA hips/elbows/eyes cleared as he's not 2 years of age.

He has his own Instagram account @rottenpomsky and his guardian mama

is quite hilarious with it!

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In light of the COVID-19 situation in the world right now, I have made a decision to NOT breed my females this late spring 2020. 


It would be unethical to bring puppies into the world without knowing for sure that they will have a home. 

If you want one of my Pomsky puppies, please go to the application http://bit.ly/KPPApp  If I have enough people who have placed a reservation fee for a puppy and have the means to care for a puppy in the Summer of 2020, then I will consider breeding one of my girls. Most likely it would be Chloe x Bruni. 

If I do not have at least 6 people who have paid a reservation fee for a puppy, the female will not be bred. 

Thank you for understanding and supporting KP Pomskies as I try to be a responsible and ethical breeder.

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Interested in learning more?

Fill out my puppy application to get started! It's non-obligatory - helps both of us to determine if your home is a good fit for a Pomsky puppy.


Corydon, Indiana

(25min North of Louisville KY)

Email: kppomskies@gmail.com
Tel:  812.989.6626 (Call/Text)




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KP Pomskies is offering a payment plan for future litters. We know that many people would love to add a little furbaby to their lives but that the cost can be prohibitive. And Pomskies are expensive by nature.                                                                                                                 

I had originally looked into various pet loans and pet financial institutions. After coming to the conclusion that they were a rip-off because you would double the cost of your pet after the "lease" was up, it just was not worth it. 200% markup! UGH!


So, after careful consideration, I came up with a plan that could be mutually beneficial. I could place puppies in wonderful loving homes, without it being a hardship on those homes.


How it works:

  • A $150 deposit is made on a future litter. 

  • Payments made weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly can be made. Arrangements made prior would then have invoices set up through my Squareup.com account. 

  • When the litter arrives and those in this program pick out their puppy, they continue making payments until 7 days before puppies are ready to go home. 

  • At that point, we ensure all the numbers are correct and the new home pays the balance of the puppy and all applicable charges (i.e. airfare costs)

  • In the instance that no puppy has caught your eye with the present litter, you can continue this plan for the second litter.

  • If after the 5th litter you still have not found "the one", you can request a complete withdrawal of all funds.  All funds, including the deposit will be returned to you, minus $100 in processing fees that are accrued through my system for processing the payments. 

If this is something you would like to consider, please send me an email at kppomskies@gmail.com to discuss!